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Our Story

Hi, my name is Johnny Chen. I am the founder and CEO of Johnny Chen SEO. My journey of becoming a self-taught SEO expert started many years ago.

I grew up with outstanding mentorship from my father, who knew all about successfully building businesses. Instead of taking the easy route and inheriting a multi-million dollar plastic bag manufacturing business, I decided to build something from scratch so that I could learn the ins and outs by myself and show the world (and my clients) just what I was made of.

In 2016, Johnny Chen SEO was born as a Houston SEO agency. We’ve now grown into a digital marketing agency that helps companies all over reach their ultimate success. Over the years, I’ve had many late nights learning about and mastering the skills required to help my clients land on Page 1 of Google and build in proprietary software. Today, Johnny Chen SEO is a nationwide team of SEO specialists that deliver unrivaled results.

Lawyer looking in despair at his laptop because of rising ad costs

When I’m not helping my clients generate organic website traffic to reach more people and increase sales, I’m spending time with my wife and 2 children. I also enjoy cars, cigars, and fine Japanese sake.

Search Engine Optimization For Your Business

Our expertise is in helping companies like yours achieve organic growth for peak business success. We offer our SEO services to any business wanting to gain more online traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. Over the last 8 years, we’ve helped countless clients, from attorneys and surgeons to online store owners and many more, land on page 1 of Google and increase their revenue tenfold. 

Before creating your SEO strategy, we do extensive research to help us better understand your needs, goals, and targeted market. Our proven search engine optimization results show that our methods work.

Personalized Organic Growth Plans

Johnny Chen SEO understands that marketing isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we offer various digital marketing services to fit your needs. From Google Maps ranking and local SEO to social media traffic and brand building, our services can be tailored just for you. 

Whether you struggle to stand apart from your competition, are dealing with negative reviews hurting your business, can’t figure out how to achieve a higher ranking for your Google Business Profile, or want help mastering social media – we’re here for you!

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Helping You Break Away From Paid Ads

Are you tired of paying for paid ads and not getting the results you hope for? While business owners are often encouraged to believe paid ads are the key to success, Johnny Chen SEO knows how to use search engine rankings to help you generate free traffic that can lead to more sales. 

Not only do paid ads drain your advertising budget, but there’s always a risk of suspension due to social media issues, they don’t allow you to develop a strategy for free organic traffic, and their costs seem to be constantly increasing. With our organic SEO services, you can scale your business without spending money on paid ads ever again

A Powerful Organic Traffic Strategy

Our skilled organic SEO agency is passionate about creating a powerful organic traffic strategy for you to set your business up for long-term success. While paid ads stop working when you stop paying, search engine optimization continues working to bring you more customers for many months, even years, to come.

In fact, most of our clients eventually turn their paid ads off altogether. When you have a strategy that helps you rank high on Google for the keywords your targeted audience is searching for, you can eventually generate more free traffic than you could’ve imagined. 

Are you ready to reach more ideal customers and increase sales with a powerful SEO strategy carefully tailored for your business?

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