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Convert $20K-$200K in Ad Spend Monthly to Low-Cost Organic SEO Traffic For Your Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Are you fed up with spending thousands of dollars monthly on PPC ads and getting a weak return on investment?  Our clients say the primary reason they seek our local SEO expert help is that they’re tired of pouring most of their plastic surgery marketing dollars into pay-per-click ads that are lucky to get one client per 40-50 expensive clicks.

Every time someone clicks on your ad for “plastic surgery Houston” you get billed an average of $27.35 and you pay that whether you get a phone call or not.

Research shows that up to 80% of those clicks don’t even come from potential patients, they are generated by robot computers or click-fraud operations where rivals pay pennies to people overseas to run up your ad spend, draining money off your profits month after month.

Not only that, but PPC providers, like Google and Facebook, are making it more difficult for you to succeed. Plastic surgery ads can get denied and ad accounts can get blocked; but you keep relying on this method where only 1 out of 5 clicks comes from a local person looking for cosmetic procedures because as soon as you stop paying for ads, your website traffic disappears instantly.

no more overpaying for ads

7 Problems with PPC Ads for “Cosmetic Surgery”

When you request a Houston cosmetic surgery Organic Growth Plan with us, we’ll provide solid proof that our organic traffic generation strategies work to bring you more patients. Find out how to get started with the best SEO in Houston.

Our cosmetic surgeon clients get Houston-targeted leads online, more walk-in clients, and a boost in phone calls from prospective plastic surgery patients.

Think about it: More revenue generated by your plastic surgery marketing and less ad spend going out. You get stellar results for your Houston cosmetic surgery practice and no longer need to rely on PPC ads. Our all five-star reviews testify that we deliver the best SEO results in Houston.

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Daren Kee

9 months ago

“Johnny Chen SEO is a one-stop shop for SEO and online advertising. His company helped me and another client solve some online marketing issues. Johnny’s work is very good quality. I will definitely use again!”

Are You Searching for the Best Houston SEO Agency to Grow Your Surgical Practice?

Profile photo of Johnny Chen, digital marketing expert for cosmetic surgery clinics in Houston TX

Hi, I’m Johnny Chen, founder and CEO of Johnny Chen SEO, a Houston SEO agency that specializes in search engine optimization for cosmetic surgeons and reconstructive plastic surgeons. By searching for the best SEO agency in Houston to handle your digital marketing, you’ve taken a critical step that can help grow your business.

When you become our client, you leverage the experience of SEO professionals to dramatically grow your cosmetic surgery profits. New clients will contact you after finding your website in the top 3 of Google’s Map Pack and on Page 1 of the Google Search results. That’s where you need to be ranked to get the results your practice needs.

We work with plastic surgeons in Houston and across the nation to bring in more prospective clients. “Houston BBL,” “plastic surgery Houston,” “Houston plastic surgeons” – just those three terms – generate more than 8,500 searches on Google every month. Shouldn’t your practice be getting a bigger share of those inquiries? We can help you do that for all your key terms that people search for online.

As a top local SEO agency in Houston, our aim is to provide the best cosmetic surgery SEO services for clinics like yours. We focus on the digital marketing and PR, while you focus on your surgical practice and clients. You know cosmetic surgery, and we know Houston SEO best practices.

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Cosmetic Surgery SEO Marketing in Houston

The secret to our success is RESULTS!

We aren’t medical professionals; we are a Houston SEO agency with a team of online marketing professionals. How, then, can we bring in more patients to your surgical practice?

Here’s how:

  1. We work with plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgery clinics daily, and we LISTEN to their needs and which procedures they perform
  2. We know the special needs of plastic surgeons and how to market their clinics
  3. We keep to date with best practices in SEO by watching for changes in Google’s algorithm, by attending SEO conferences, and applying the latest techniques and campaigns
  4. We subscribe to the best SEO software tools available and use them daily
  5. We provide regular reports and updates to our clients, and we RESPOND to feedback from both patients and physicians

By focusing on SEO, Google Maps, and online reputation management, we get the best results for our clients. Schedule an Organic Growth Plan of your website, and we will show you example after example of the results we get for our clients and that we can get for you.

Image of Google Maps for Houston, TX showing top-ranking cosmetic surgery clinics in the top-3 Map Pack.

Studies show that most people click on page one of the search engine results page (SERP) and seldom go to page two or beyond. That’s why we want to get you on the first page of search results and in the top three of Google Maps in Houston​.

When you hire our search engine marketing agency for plastic surgeon marketing, you’ll get the results you need. We focus on earning money for YOU.

Johnathan Phan

a months ago

Johnny's SEO services have been great and has been very helpful in the growth of my business. Highly recommended if you are looking at expanding your online presence, which is so important in the growth of a business these days

Our Digital Marketing Services

Google SEO

We rank you above your competitors by optimizing your site with a strong keyword strategy.

Brand Building

Our online marketing services build your brand consistently and accurately across the web and social media.

Google Maps Pack

We position your business in the Top-3 listings in Google Maps to increase traffic to your site.

YouTube SEO Ranking

We get you on the biggest video marketing venue in the world with new traffic sources for your company’s products and services.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

YouTube Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

Julep Bar Team

10 months ago

Johnny set up our Shopify store during the Pandemic and it’s been fantastic! He’s very professional, prompt, and Responsive 100% of the time. Thank you, Johnny!

Why Should You Hire Us as Your Plastic Surgery SEO Specialist?

Getting our clients ranked on Page 1 of Google search and in the Top 3 on the Houston cosmetic surgery Map is a skillset we’ve learned from years of experience in the SEO marketing industry.

From providing the powerful content with expert on-page SEO, to taking care of all the technical details of off-page SEO and your website settings, we know exactly how to perform the many steps necessary to rank in for Google searches. The marketing strategies we use also put your website on page 1 in the search results provided by other search engines like Bing and Yahoo.

We know what techniques work best for cosmetic surgery SEO campaigns, and we work daily to get you ranking above your competitors to bring in more phone calls generated by website views.

We know the work you do is highly specialized and requires special tactics. Reconstructive and cosmetic surgery sites need personalized service, and we provide it. You will immediately sense the difference in how we work and the degree of attention we give to your cosmetic surgery practice.

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Lawyer looking in despair at his laptop because of rising ad costs

Hire a Specialist in SEO and Marketing for your Houston Body Sculpting Clinic

Your prospective customers rely on search engines to find professional services in their local area. Getting ranked on Page 1 of Google Search and in the Top 3 of Google Maps provides FREE traffic to your website.

We know the importance of ranking high on the first page of Google Search, and we’re not done until your cosmetic surgery practice is found on Page 1.

Once your website is fully optimized and is ranking on Page 1 of Google Search, you will begin getting the results you want.

Did you know that over 1,900 searches occur each month for the search term “body lift surgery,” 12,100 for “nose surgery,” and 18,000 for butt lift”?

Add those to the 3,600 searches for “plastic surgery Houston,” and you’ve an indicator of exactly how powerful SEO can be for your practice.

By claiming 20-40% of the monthly traffic those search terms come from a Page 1 listing, your phone will be ringing off the hook with prospective clients. And there are many more terms of surgical procedures that we rank by optimizing your website.

Every physician seeking a Houston SEO expert should ask questions like these:

  • Can you show me examples of your marketing campaigns?
  • How do you conduct keyword searches?
  • How long will it take for you rank my site above the competition in search results?
  • Can you show me examples of how you optimize both on-page and off-page with SEO?
  • Can you show me the results you’re currently getting for your clients?
  • How do you track the results from your website optimizations ?

When you ask the specialist at Johnny Chen SEO those questions, you’ll get an instant “Yes, we do” and “Yes, we can” answer along with a demonstration of our ongoing results. Ask other agencies and you’ll hear a lot of hemming and hawing.

To get measurable SEO results, the Houston SEO company you choose must do more than just watch a few YouTube videos and pay for incoming links. They must be experienced, and they must know and play by Google’s rules. Otherwise, they can do your business much more harm than good.

When we accept a new client, the first thing we do is review their current SEO standings to see what is working and what is not working. We then provide pricing based on the amount of work that still needs to be done.

Here’s something crucial to consider: Many SEO agencies want to hook you into a long-term contract. We don’t do that. Your agreement with us is simply month-to-month. If you ever feel (and you won’t) that we aren’t providing the results we’ve told you we can provide, you can cancel at any time without penalty. Our clients stick with us for years without signing a long-term contract because they are enjoying the profits of being a page 1 business.

We stand behind our work, and we always keep your needs at the forefront of all we do. That’s exactly what you should expect from the best SEO agency for your cosmetic surgery practice.

An outlined sign in red that says, “FACT.”We specialize in SEO for plastic surgeons, and we rank cosmetic surgery websites nationwide by using the most effective and up-to-date techniques.

Here are some essential statistics that show why local organic search results on mobile devices and computers are essential in getting new leads, and far outperform paid ads:

  • 28% of local searches result in a purchase
  • 46% of all Google searches include location
  • 56% of local businesses fail to claim their Google My Business listing
  • 78% of people who find you via a mobile search will become customers

There is no question that thousands of people are searching online to find a cosmetic surgery practice like yours every month. There’s only one important question: Will they find you, or will they find your competitors? Who is on top of the search results?

Get an Organic Growth Plan of your SEO needs today. The only cost is a small amount of your time, and the potential benefit makes your decision to check us out well worth your time.

Adam Breitenstein

8 months ago

Johnny has impeccable knowledge of SEO. As a small business owner this made a change for my company's future. Highly recommended, his work is in high demand!

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