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How Do I Get My Local SEO Google Business Profile Listing to Rank in the Top 3 on Google Maps?

Frustrated that you can’t get into the top three Google Maps ranking when a prospective customer searches for the products or services you provide?

Tired of seeing your competitors showing up in the Maps while you’re buried way down the list?

How can your business survive the competitors if your listing isn’t visible?

That’s all about to change for you and your company.
You may not know it, but your Google business profile and your Maps listing are closely linked.

At Johnny Chen SEO, we are experts at getting your GMB listing correct, and then powering up your website’s listing to appear in Google Maps!

Need some help? – Our experts will optimize your GMB listing so that Google’s algorithm has no choice but to put your website in the top-3, and eventually even hand you the number one spot in Maps!

Google My Business is all about customer engagement and signaling to the search engine that your maps listing is popular so that they rank it higher. We treat your GMB listing like a fully-optimized website using our powerful and proven SEO techniques to get you there.

Spending $20K-$200K+ a Month on PPC with No Way to Stop on Your Business Website?

We see this so many times – business owners spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on their PPC campaigns with rising costs that impact already thin margins. If this sounds like you, have you got a plan to escape this vicious circle?

It doesn’t matter which ad platform you’re using, Google, Facebook or something else, they all work in exactly the same way. If you stop paying or don’t conform to their policies, they will shut your account down and turn off the flow of visitors in the blink of an eye.
No Traffic = No Customers = No Income! It’s a nightmare scenario and you may not be able to see a way out.

The 7 Nightmare Problems With PPC Campaigns

THE WAY OUT! – SEO Organic Traffic & GMB Listings to Break Free of Paid Ads!

By optimizing your business profile on Google, gaining a top-3 spot in Google Maps, and ranking for your best keywords on page one of the search engine results, our expert strategists launch an avalanche of free traffic that will outperform your paid traffic by far!

This free traffic converts better and keeps on coming, month after month. Allow us to prove it to you by showing you the results of our many current and former clients.

It’s a win-win situation for you; plus, there’s no more stress from the PPC nightmare you’ve been living. Contact us now to get started today.

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Evan Huntington

6 months ago

I called Johnny Chen SEO asking for some information regarding how my business can get more customers. Johnny is very knowledgeable and he knows exactly what I needed. Highly recommend.

Are You Searching for the Best "Local SEO" or “Google My Business Maps Services Near Me” to Manage Your GMB Listing?

Lawyer looking in despair at his laptop because of rising ad costs

Hi, I’m Johnny Chen, CEO of Johnny Chen SEO, a nationwide digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and business profile services, including managing and optimizing your GMB listing and getting ranked in the top 3 places on Google Maps.

By searching for the best GMB Management firm to partner with today, you’ve taken that first step to building your company’s listing into a powerful lead generation machine that will flood your business with new customers.

When you work with Johnny Chen SEO, you will be partnering with a team of GMB, Google Maps and SEO marketing experts. Together we’ll grow your business and revenue by prioritizing the tasks needed to improve your profile so that you quickly see results.

If you’re wondering if this ranking service will work for you, we can show you proof of the results that our SEO agency gets for all our clients.

From our company headquarters located in the business-friendly city of Houston, TX, we have been providing the best Google My Business and Maps ranking services across the nation and overseas.

What Makes Johnny Chen SEO's Local SEO & GMB SEO Services Stand Out? – It’s Our Results!

Our guarantee: we make sure your phone is ringing with new clients and more sales so that you are making more profit.

A short while after I opened my SEO services agency and started working with clients in Houston and around the U.S., I saw that having my clients’ local companies listed in the then-relatively new Google Featured Business listing would soon be an important piece in getting a flood of traffic to their websites. Talking with my team, we created a powerful, unique service to optimize our clients’ GMB listings. As a result, their businesses started to explode with increased free traffic and new customers.

By optimizing their listing profile, selecting the perfect primary category, creating frequent posts, putting up engaging images and videos, and encouraging great customer reviews, our clients began ranking in the attention-grabbing Featured Business section whenever a prospective customer searched for relevant services. As a stunning bonus, we were also able to get them into the coveted Map Packs Top-3.

Understanding how these top positions are interlinked and what to watch out for to ensure that a GMB listing does not get suspended by Google (which happens more often than you think) is all part of our GMB service when you partner with our SEO Agency.

Johnny Chen SEO is not one of those huge, faceless internet marketing companies who claim to “do-it-all,” but often deliver nothing but empty promises. Our experienced team works treats your company personally, keeping you fully informed with regular updates on the measurable results that your GMB profile and Maps ranking are getting – results that you will see month after month. With confidence based on so many successful clients who stick with us, we guarantee that your company will get more traffic, more calls and more clients; so much so that we don’t even ask you to sign a long-term contract – we have month-to-month agreements, because once you see your profits mounting, you’ll stick with us, too.

Johnny Chen SEO

will rank you to Top 3

Contact Us to Get Started:

Joseph Cartwright

11 months ago

What I like about this guy, is that while he is ranking me for the bigger keywords, he also works on the small ones, so that I am able to see return on my investment right away.

And How Does GMB Relate to My Google Maps Listing?

Let’s face it – when it comes to organic search engine traffic, Google completely dominates the Worldwide Web.

But using SEO to rank on Page 1 of the search engine results is not the only way to show up on that crucial first page, not anymore. Often overlooked, there is a way to get there is by claiming and optimizing your GMB listing.

Google My Business (GMB) is a service provided by the search engine that allows you to list all kinds of information, such as customer reviews, pictures (yours and your customers), videos, posts, your opening hours, and loads more. Of course, most of this information is on your website, but your Google My Business profile allows people to find this valuable content before they even get to your website.

By indexing all the content that you provide, the service creates a consistent view of your business across both Maps and Google Search.

The picture above shows a top-ranked GMB Featured Business listing. At Johnny Chen SEO, we make sure that everything is the same across your website and all the places where your website is listed (commonly called “citations”), as well as in your social media, which is vitally important to sort out before claiming your business profile.

Using information from your GMB listing, Google will determine if you should be shown on the local maps when a customer is looking for the services you provide. So, to have the best chance of showing up on Page 1 as a Featured Business and in the top-3 map pack, your listing needs to be optimized expertly for your local area.

Used in the right way, Google My Business is an incredibly valuable tool, but it is not just for showing your basic business information, it’s far more powerful than that to drive free traffic and greater profits; Our web experts know how to optimize your GMB listing to the fullest so that you’ll get the results you’ve wanted with the greatest return in visitors, engagement, new clients, and increased revenue.


We optimize your listing using safe, proven and powerful techniques to get your site on Page 1.

Regular Posting

Google likes to see frequent and fresh content. We create engaging posts for your customers to read.

Photo Posting

Google loves seeing your photos that we optimize for local search before uploading.


Good PR and 5-star reviews are the lifeblood of any company. We are the go-to firm for reputation repair.

Video Posting

It’s not well-known that Google loves to see YouTube videos on your GMB profile, so we’ll get them done and uploaded for you.

Website Linking

Linking to your website from your listing is something Google wants to see. We provide SEO Services to optimize your website.

More Phone Calls

By ranking in the Top-3 Map Pack you’ll get phone calls from local people who are searching with intent to buy.

Rich Descriptions

We write the keyword rich, detailed description for your business that Google loves and that gets your site ranking.

Category Selection

We know how to select the crucial primary and secondary categories for targeting your ideal clients.

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Chris Honor

a month ago

Johnny is extremely approachable, friendly, and professional. Seeing that all of his ratings were 5 stars didn't surprise me at all -- 5-star service and value is what you get when you work with him. All of the design work he does is awesome.

FAQs when Looking for Help with GMB Listings

Yes, your GMB listing is completely free. But to get the most value out of the tool, you need to have it optimized correctly and expertly, as well as provide regular and frequent updates, posts, and photos. It can be a lot of work that you probably don’t have time for when you’re busy running your business; which is why my clients are more than happy to hand those tasks over to our agency.

To make that happen, we help you claim your Google Business Profile. There’s a lot to know though before and during the claim process, and it’s easy to make a mistake. We make sure that each step is optimized for ranking your most important keywords and for targeting more of your ideal customers, including:

  1. Creating and claiming your Business Profile
  2. Verifying your local business through Google’s full process
  3. Setting up your categories correctly
  4. Including your most important keywords in the listing
  5. Optimizing your listing for ranking in Google Maps’ Top-3

It’s our expert done-for-you service that will greatly impact your business and multiply your profits for years to come.

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