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We do not buy fake subscribers or fake likes We optimizes your video for the best chance for success We give it our organic SEO boost formula through the video on-page and off-page to create the perfect “viral” environment

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How Can I Get Views for My Videos Without Paying Tens of Thousands on Paid Ads?

Many of our clients switched to Johnny Chen SEO because they were tired of throwing increasing sums of money at ill-advised pay-per-click campaigns by their former marketing firm who profited off their huge ad spend.

And if they stopped paying, their leads dried up.

Even worse, whether it’s Google, Facebook or some other advertising service, all ad platforms are the same. If you don’t play by their rules and follow their guidelines, then you risk getting your account suspended or even shut down altogether.

PPC advertising is a true nightmare for business owners who solely rely on it for new leads.
no more overpaying for ads

The 7 Paid Advertising Nightmares Affecting Your Business

These techniques bring in a tsunami of free traffic that overtakes your paid traffic, often much quicker than you expect.

We show you proof of the results we’ve had with our clients that can set you free from the PPC nightmare.

Amazing Proof of Results — Ranking a YouTube Video at #1 in Just 5 weeks!

We don’t make empty promises. Instead, you can watch a video getting ranked, filmed in real-time over five weeks, that SHOWS you how we took a brand-new YouTube video from nowhere to Position #1 on YouTube.
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We don’t want to just tell you that we can rank your videos; we want you to watch Johnny do a live demo of it. We started the case study by recording on Day 1 to rank the video, “Do You Need a Mentor?” and then follow its journey from Position 29. We SHOW you the ranking results on Day 3, Day 21 and Day 30 when it hits #1.

I guarantee you’ve never seen a live demo like this from other SEO agents.

Watch the video below as we move our YouTube video up until it beats out Tony Robbins’ video, Gary Vee’s video, Mark Cuban’s video, and even social media wizard Tai Lopez’s top place video to dominate the Number 1 spot on YouTube!

 When you see it done live and that it really works, you’ll have the confidence that we can do the same to rank your video to bring in more views, more followers, more sales, and more followers of your brand.

Now that you’ve watched the video case study, book your Organic Growth Plan for your YouTube video channel

Leonard Jacob

a year ago

One of the best moves I could have made. PPC was eating up my margins, but with Johnny, he guides us on how SEO works. Johnny Chen SEO is not some random guy waving a magic wand, saying I have it taken care of. He actually explains strategy and walks us through the process step-by-step.

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The number one thing that goes wrong in our industry is that SEO companies tell you they can do everything and give you any result you want. But often, they don’t know how to deliver what they promise. So, our first responsibility is to actually show you this video marketing case study in real time, explaining step-by-step what we do to reach the top results that we consistently get for our other clients.

How We Use the YouTube Phenomena to Market Your Services and Products

A strong YouTube video is comparable to creating a solid website and ranking it on Page 1 of Google. YouTube is a free platform, and we use it to optimize your videos to bring traffic to your products or services and to your business website.

Ever since it was founded in 2005, YouTube has been a worldwide phenomenon, with over 3 billion viewers per month, so many that no business can afford to ignore this powerful search engine for its brand-building, sales-force strength.

Our job as a YouTube video SEO consultancy is to make sure your video rises to the top for your main keyword or key phrase. To do that, we use the most effective SEO strategies to reach your ideal clients who are searching every day for your specific services and products, including powerful media strategies that optimize your viewership, which ranks you in YouTube’s search

Book your Organic Growth Plan for your YouTube video channel

What You Do: Create Valuable Video Content that Your Customers Will Watch

User engagement is one of the most critical factors because there are many different signals to show that viewers are enjoying your content, such as shares, comments, and likes, among others. In addition, Google considers “watch-time” when ranking videos, so make sure you hook them early on with high-quality content!

For video ranking to work, you should already have a lot of work put into creating your video by including great content, even if it’s your first time on YouTube. Valuable content includes what your ideal customers need to know to make a decision to use your service and purchase your products.

Our consultations will help you improve your video content and grow your YouTube channel.

Video SEO Strategies for Top-Ranked Positions

We treat your YouTube video like a website. There are four main parts to our ranking process:

  • On-page optimizations
  • The scripts inside (meta-data)
  • Backlinks from highly-related websites for the power of popularity
  • Directing traffic to the video

What is SEO? It’s a four-part process that brings the popularity factor to your video so that Google will rank it on top.

If you’re interested to know how we can get your video to number the #1 spot on YouTube, contact us today at Johnny Chen SEO.

Video SEO Strategies for Top-Ranked Positions

At Johnny Chen SEO, we SHOW you how we get people watching your video.

The way we do YouTube SEO is very similar to how we do organic SEO for ranking in Google. We focus on creating natural interactions, so when the search engines see your video is climbing in popularity and engagement, they position it higher and higher.

With YouTube, the three most important ranking factors are

  1. engagement
  2. time spent watching by people who click on your video
  3. click-through rate (CTR)

When Google sees that your video is gaining views, and when we give it a “pop” of virality, it drives even more traffic to your video post to make it go viral. Google will push it to the top and rank it high only if Google sees that it’s a popular video.

One of the best ways to gain a high CTR is with an eye-catching thumbnail. YouTube is primarily a visual platform, so that means thumbnail images are essential. They are the first impression that people get of your video, and have the power to capture your viewer’s attention before they even open up its title. We make sure these images pack a powerful impact by creating custom, eye-catching thumbnails for people who are watching from their computer or even from a small mobile device.

Whether it be by optimizing titles or descriptions, setting up playlists that show off all of your content in one place, creating eye-catching thumbnails, or simply uploading videos optimized with tags and keywords, we apply these strategies that grow your viewership online.

Case Study Strategy 1: On-Page Video Optimizations

Before posting the video “Do You Need a Mentor?” we did SEO optimizations on the file level. Then during the first 3 days after posting it, we focused on click-through rates (CTR), watch time, and engagement.

Using a live incognito (private) untracked search, on the 4th day, our video went from position 29 to position 5 for its main keyword. It even overtook Mark Cuban’s position and pushed him down to #6. But we were determined not to stop until we got this video to the #1 spot.

These three are the first factors we work with to bring up the ranking:


  • Click-through rate by impression means the number of people who click on your video and watch it.
  • Watch time is also a very important ranking factor. There’s a certain percentage of watch time necessary, which depends on video length.
  • Engagement also has a certain percentage that counts toward ranking a video. Although not everyone who watches the video is going to engage with it 100% of the time, the engagement should be at a natural rate.

Strategy 2: Ranking Your Video for Multiple Keywords

Another cool thing that we do for your video is to not only rank it for your main keyword, but also for similar keywords or phrases that people type into the search box. In our example, we are also ranking this video for variations of the main key phrase, like “Do I need a business mentor?” and “Do you need a mentor for success?”

Strategy 3: Off-Page SEO for Video Ranking Power

So far, we’ve only focused on the on-page factors of optimizing the video channel and this specific video. The next things we worked on as powerful ranking factors were:

  • Video meta-data
  • Referral traffic that signals Google and YouTube to rank the video higher
  • Backlinks to highly-related websites

Our goal is to unseat Tai Lopez from the #1 spot. His video has been around for 4 years and has 1.1 million views. Do you believe we can take away the #1 spot from him on YouTube?

Strategy 4: The Power of Press Releases to Make a Video Go Viral

For this case study, “Do You Need a Mentor?” between weeks 3 – 4, we’ve done quite a few press releases on major digital industry publications to rank it; for example, in Digital Journal, SEO Daily, Cyber Biz Source, and The Morning Dispatch in the “Money” section.

These online publications are very powerful and have a lot of reach. When we embed a video on them, they get hundreds or thousands of views, and they also drive traffic to browse your website.

When ranking your business, we research and publish press releases in the best online journals in your specific industry to target views by your ideal clients. Getting referral traffic is like getting oxygen in the blood that goes to the heart of search engines. This is what they want to see. You need this continual traffic to keep your video alive and high in the rankings.

Case Study: Week 4 Results

YouTube and Google’s algorithms try to imitate natural human engagement. So, after 3-4 more weeks of driving traffic and getting engagement on my video, we did another incognito live search to see where it was ranking.

For the easier keywords, we were ranking #1 and #2, but for our main keyword, “Do I need a mentor?” we were in position #3. The ranking increased because of the press releases spread out over the Web that got people to view the video.

Case Study Success! – Position 1 in Five Weeks!

To reach the #1 position, our SEO team kept driving more traffic to the video, added some powerful backlinks, and then published even more press releases. The progression of the ranking grew in these ways over five weeks, and the video appeared in major publications in the correct niche, so viewership kept increasing more and more over a reasonably short amount of time.

And here’s what happened in the 5th week: Just as we predicted, our video is in the #1 position on YouTube. Using safe and powerful SEO techniques, we took over Tai Lopez’s place to win the top spot in Position 1 on YouTube!

YouTube Video Marketing | On Page SEO | Off Page SEO

Adam Breitenstein

8 months ago

Johnny has impeccable knowledge of SEO. As a small business owner this made a change for my company's future. Highly recommended, his work is in high demand!

What to Look For when Choosing a Video SEO Expert

Let’s look at one thing that is very important when it comes to YouTube SEO simulation. An advanced YouTube SEO expert will implement specific techniques that favor YouTube’s algorithm.

One of the things our YouTube expert does is look at the your Video Analytics. What is extremely important is the number of Unique viewers compared to the Average views per viewer. What you don’t want to see is that your video has 5,000 views from only 50 unique viewers. The ratio should be almost one-to-one; meaning, one unique viewer should see your video once or twice. What you don’t want to see is 50 viewers watching your video 100 times each because that means the statistics are unnatural and that this unscrupulous SEO company is using robots to “view” your video, rather than driving traffic of real people to the video for naturally-occurring viewership.

At Johnny Chen SEO, we do what is natural, which is what YouTube’s algorithm likes to see.

It’s important for a YouTube SEO specialist to always keep up-to-date with the training about the algorithm updates that come continually. Our team members receive training regularly. There’s so much to learn all the time, which is why you, as a business owner wouldn’t have time to both run your business and do your digital marketing effectively. 

If your brand is not VISIBLE online,

then it’s the same as being ...invisible...!

If you have any questions, contact us for a strategic Organic Growth Plan video consultation. We look at your video and break down what we need to do to get it ranking. If you want an analysis without buying anything, that’s fine. But you need to call to get the ball rolling so you can see what we can do for you. We want you to feel comfortable working with us, and the way we do that is being transparent and keeping you informed every step of the way.

Let’s talk. Let’s look at your video marketing needs, and we’ll show you what we do to get real eyes on your videos and a top ranking in YouTube.

Trey Cameron

6 months ago

Johnny will get you to the top, where you belong

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