Minimum Length of Completion required for campaign (grace period of 60days after the agreed length of completion is required) (addition of keywords may require additional time and fees).‌

IMPORTANT: Length of Completion for campaign depends on the workings of our partnership.  The starting date of “Length of Completion” starts as soon as the “Client” provides Johnny Chen SEO all resources and access & login information required for the campaign.  “Resources” and “Access & Login Information” include logins to:

  • Google My Business, Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and any business/social profiles relating to the business.
  • Website Platform content management system to allow website content On-Page SEO or complete compliance from the website development department.
  • Current Pictures, Videos , & Logos of the owner of the business/company/brand/products.‌

Deliverables During Campaign – Industry Standard SEO Best Practices‌

  • Daily website ranking reports delivered to your email.
  • Constant upkeep of website health specifically tailored for best practices in adherence to Google Algorithm.
  • Client ownership & automatic renewal of website domain registrar and hosting.
  • Google Webmasters Tool & Search Console installation (upon request).
  • Google My Business verification each ranking physical locations (upon request).
  • On-Page optimization specifically Titles, Header Tags, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Image Alt Texts.
  • Uniqueness of content for each page when necessary for rankings.
  • SEO Detox.
  • Insertion of per page unique Structured Data & Schema in the Google J-SON LD language.
  • Off-Page optimization link building in boosting the performance of your website in regards to Domain Authority, Page Authority, Trust Flow, Citation Flow.
  • Performance for keywords selected with sufficient timeline allowed.

(60day grace period after “Length of Completion” for specific keyword performances).‌‌


Working Boundaries – What You Do Not Get

  • Do Not get our backend Link Building Process.  We Do Not show our links. (developed through ranking hundreds of websites) (It is proprietary & many others try to copy)
  • Do Not get our time to sit in on scheduled daily/weekly conference calls
  • Do Not get in-person weekly/monthly office meetings to “talk about your strategy”. We have our SEO methods in place and we are not your employees or outside consultants.
  • Do Not get us to train your staff or your interns.
  • Do Not get a clock-in time sheet (we deliver ranking results, Not Time Sheets)
  • Violation of these boundaries resulting in termination of work will not refund fees.‌

We Ask You To Respect Our Working Boundaries. We have a business process in place. We ask you to please respect our working boundaries.

The faster you work, the more effective Johnny Chen SEO can serve you.

Search Engine Optimization is a form of Advertising.  SEO Consulting is a Service of Intangible Product and does not guarantee sales due to each individual company’s policies, staff productivity, and performance.  Due to influences outside of our control, we regrettably are not able to provide returns, refunds, or sales guarantees.  SEO is like racing in a Marathon, you cannot expect instant results and must have the patience to achieve the big impact at the end of the race.

All cancellation of subscription must be emailed to and the customer is required to show proof of time stamped cancellation email.

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