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Are You Spending $20K to $200K or More a Month on Paid Ads Because You Can’t Afford to Turn Them Off?

When many of our clients first come to us for marketing help, they are caught up in that endless cycle of dumping huge amounts of cash into paid advertising just to keep the traffic rolling in.

Google ads or Facebook ads are both the same: if you don’t keep feeding them or playing by their rules, they just shut you down.

If you stop, you drop! No more traffic. No more customers. No money coming in.

Sure, it’s predictable up to a point if you’re careful, but wouldn’t it be great if you could break free from all those paid traffic nightmares?

The 7 Deadly Nightmares of Paid Advertising

  • When you stop paying, the traffic stops
  • Spending far too much on Facebook ads
  • Spending even more on Google PPC advertising
  • Having no control over constantly rising ad costs and plummeting profits
  • Facebook and Google ads getting banned due to compliance issues
  • Google and Facebook ad accounts shut down or suspended with no way to get them back
  • Did we say No More ads Suspension?!
  • No idea how to develop a strategy to get free organic traffic

Our Organic Growth Plan Breaks You Free of Paid Ads!

  • We understand how frustrating this paid-ads dilemma can be for business owners and we know how to turn it around.
  • Our Organic Growth SEO team creates such a powerful organic traffic strategy that drastically reduces our clients’ dependence on paid ads to the point that eventually, they even turn them off completely!
  • We rank our clients on the first page of Google for their main keywords and generate so much free traffic that it completely overtakes anything they were getting running ads. Those clients find that traffic from our Organic Growth SEO naturally leads to more sales.

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Joseph Cartwright

5 months ago

What I like about this guy, is that while he is ranking me for the bigger keywords, he also works on the small ones, so that I am able to see return on my investment right away.

Our Digital Marketing Services

Google SEO

We rank you above your competitors by optimizing your site with a strong keyword strategy.

Brand Building

Our online marketing services build your brand consistently and accurately across the web and social media.

Google Maps Pack

We position your business in the Top-3 listings in Google Maps to increase traffic to your site.

YouTube SEO Ranking

We get you on the biggest video marketing venue in the world with new traffic sources for your company’s products and services.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

YouTube Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

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Adam Breitenstein

8 months ago

Johnny has impeccable knowledge of SEO. As a small business owner this made a change for my company's future. Highly recommended, his work is in high demand!

Meet Johnny Chen – Founder and CEO

Profile photo of Johnny Chen, digital marketing expert for cosmetic surgery clinics in Houston TX

Why are We Uniquely Suited to be Your Dedicated Organic Growth SEO Agency?

With our breakthrough Organic Growth SEO marketing strategies, you are going to get Page 1 results and a listing in Google Maps Top-3 Pack that results in a rush of new customers every month.

How Can Any Company be That Confident?

After years of mastering the skills required to create Page 1 rankings for my clients, and then building in proprietary software, my company expanded into a nationwide firm of experts who have undergone extensive training in the marketing industry and search engine optimization in both on-page and off-page ranking factors.

Our first-hand experience of knowing what works and what doesn’t work when creating digital strategies for our clients has brought them such life-changing business results they could only dream of before.

So many marketing strategies out there look shiny with bright promises, but with our years of experience, we know what you need and what you don’t need to become one of the top companies in your niche.

What People are Saying about Johnny Chen SEO

Johnathan Phan

a months ago

Johnny's SEO services have been great and has been very helpful in the growth of my business. Highly recommended if you are looking at expanding your online presence, which is so important in the growth of a business these days

Chris Honor

3 months ago

Johnny is extremely approachable, friendly, and professional. Seeing that all of his ratings were 5 stars didn't surprise me at all -- 5-star service and value is what you get when you work with him. All of the design work he does is awesome.

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