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Hi, I’m Johnny Chen, founder and CEO of Johnny Chen SEO, a firm of marketing experts, specializing in online public relations, brand-building, and reputation repair.

Although there are no doctorate degrees for professional SEO agents and reputation management experts yet, if there were, our team of online public relations experts would all have their PhDs by now in the fields of SEO health, re-setting broken brands, debriding burned reputations, and restoring ruined review profiles.

For nearly 10 years, our firm has provided digital marketing and PR services with such astounding results for clients that the company grew into one of the best-loved marketing firms in the country.

Dexter Heath

5 months ago

I represent a PR company and Johnny helped clean up our client's internet image.... It worked!

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What is Reputation Management and Do You Need It?

We’ve had a lot of clients come to us over the years who have had negative reviews, articles or videos written about them by rival businesses, or because of quick reactions to misunderstandings that do not accurately reflect the excellent products, services and integrity of their companies. One bad review can do a lot of damage, even to a really great company with an otherwise positive profile by creating doubt and turning people away.

Reputation management is a process that counters negative content with positive content; it also includes addressing comments and questions, rectifying mistakes and misunderstandings, or, in rare cases where intentional libel or slander is involved, pursuing legal action.

FAQ: Is There a Way to Remove a Negative Review or an Unfair Article?

That’s one of the most frequent questions business owners ask me. An otherwise thriving company can lose a ton of business and even sink in their hard-earning rankings when a negative article or video is published or they get a random one- or two-star review or complaint.
Unfortunately, on the Internet, once published, it’s pretty much there to stay unless you or your PR firm communicates with the person who posted it and ask them, provides extra service, and then ask them to remove or revise it.

So How Do We Fix That?

  • We create hundreds of positive news articles & reviews about you
  • Then we push those articles to the top
  • At the same time pushing down the negative news (old negative news cannot be deleted)


Online public relations, brand-creation and reputation management have proven to be among the best investments any business can make in this digital era, and are important for you to build and maintain your business success.

Who can you turn to for help when hit with a negative review or article that causes potential customers to hesitate and hurts your otherwise positive online reputation? Our firm deals successfully with these situations for our clients more often than you’d think, and we can turn this situation around for you, too.

Our double-whammy strategy of reputation repair through the online publication of positive interviews, along with a public relations push to build your brand not only pushes down any negative comments or articles, but also helps protect your business reputation over the long-term.

Johnathan Phan

a months ago

Johnny's SEO services have been great and has been very helpful in the growth of my business. Highly recommended if you are looking at expanding your online presence, which is so important in the growth of a business these days

Our Digital Marketing Services

Google SEO

We rank you above your competitors by optimizing your site with a strong keyword strategy.

Brand Building

Our online marketing services build your brand consistently and accurately across the web and social media.

Google Maps Pack

We position your business in the Top-3 listings in Google Maps to increase traffic to your site.

YouTube SEO Ranking

We get you on the biggest video marketing venue in the world with new traffic sources for your company’s products and services.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

YouTube Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

Strategy 1: The Short-term Prescription for Repairing a Damaged Online Reputation

Flood The Internet with Positive Press Releases All About YOU

The first thing that happens is that we interview you and create a series of articles about what your business does and how you help people; then we publish these interviews in trade journals and online news sources that are important in your specific industry or business niche.

The best way to quickly sink a bad review or article while simultaneously building your personal brand is to get interviewed and written about to tell your potential customers who you are and what you can do to help them. They will get to know you well in a deeper way through these interviews.

Strategy 2: Ongoing PR Campaign for the Long-Term Health of Your Online Business Reputation

Consistent Publishing of Unique Interview Articles Written All About YOU

At Johnny Chen SEO, our public relations services use online publishing, community management skills, social media outreach, and SEO to maintain a positive and popular profile for your brand and your name.

Public relations are one of the most commonly ignored aspects of a business. By not making it a top priority, your company could be losing a lot of customers you would otherwise reach. A less-than-stellar reputation results in fewer new clients and even losing some whom you previously acquired. In business, your name and reputation are vitally important to promote and to safeguard.

Eye-Popping Guest Posts, Interviews and Editorials in Online Media that Gets Your Brand VISIBLE!

As mentioned above, we create valuable “evergreen” content that stays on the Web in the form of guest posts, interviews and editorials that grab people’s attention, direct them to your website, and enhance your relations with traditional and online media groups. We get your content published in online magazines and online platforms in the industry where you belong.

A strong, on-going publicity push plays a vital role in putting your business in front of thousands more viewers and in raising your SEO ranking results.

Need Help With Your Brand Building Online?

Public Relations | Reputation Management | SEO | Social Media

We are hard-wired to go above and beyond to deliver effective results to our clients. We handle your online public relations with an experienced team of public relations experts, professional copywriters, videographers, SEO specialists, visual detail designers, social media marketers, conversion optimization specialists, and coders. My company is results-oriented to give local businesses the advantage over the competition on search engine traffic and driving more sales.

Digital PR is a highly effective strategy for increasing brand awareness. While it shares some similarities with traditional public relations, it has a broader audience reach that doesn’t exist with offline-only methods. To be even more effective, other internet-based strategies like content marketing, and social media marketing are combined with it.

It has been proven beyond doubt that digital PR is a powerful strategy that can improve a brand’s online presence and visibility!

Julep Bar Team

10 months ago

Johnny set up our Shopify store during the Pandemic and it’s been fantastic! He’s very professional, prompt, and Responsive 100% of the time. Thank you, Johnny!

If your brand is not VISIBLE online,

then it’s the same as being invisible...!

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