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Online Store Owners - STOP Spending $20K-$200K for Paid Ads. Get Free Organic Traffic Instead to Your eCommerce Online Store!

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the profit margins from your shopping website getting eaten up by the ever-increasing costs of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising to find new customers. Many of our eCommerce clients come to us because they want to find a way out of that expensive cycle.

Platforms like Facebook and Google are also becoming more difficult to work with every day. You need to jump through so many hoops just to keep your paid ads running.

And let’s not even think about the worry of your business account or ad account getting shut down!

But if you stop paying, then all your precious traffic is gone in an instant.

No wonder then that online shop owners everywhere are finding that paid ads are a nightmare with no escape.

no more overpaying for ads

7 Nightmare Problems eCommerce Sellers Face with PPC Ads

Using live reports, we prove to you that our ranking techniques work incredibly well by demonstrating how this free traffic has brought in new customers and increased sales for our clients.

We work with many types of retail websites selling physical goods, courses and digital products around the globe. Let us show you how organic SEO is the best way to break free from PPC hell and dramatically increase your profits.

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Want to Get Started with SEO for eCommerce Stores, But Don’t Know How?

You know that building up free organic SEO traffic is the only effective way to stop paying vast amounts to the paid ad platforms, but how do you even begin to plan your exit strategy?

It’s a process that requires expert knowledge of how SEO works for online stores and shops.

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Our experts know exactly what it takes to optimize your e-commerce store so that your product pages appear at the top of the organic search results on the first page of Google.

We work with you to identify all the keywords and phrases your ideal customers are using and build a proven strategy that attracts more “buyer-intent” traffic to your site than you ever thought possible.

Not only can this organic traffic replace your PPC campaigns over time, but we often find that it converts better, too. It truly is a win-win situation!

Outsource your ecommerce digital marketing to us and we take care of everything including SEO, keyword research, content marketing, building positive product reviews, online reputation management, and more.

Leonard Jacob

6 months ago

One of the best moves I could have made. PPC was eating up my margins, but with Johnny, he guides us on how SEO works. Johnny Chen... actually explains the strategy and walks us through the process step-by-step.

Are You an e-Com Seller Searching for the ‘Best SEO for Online Shops?

Lawyer looking in despair at his laptop because of rising ad costs

Hi, I’m Johnny Chen, founder and CEO of Johnny Chen SEO, a digital marketing agency that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) for online eCommerce websites. By searching for the best retail website SEO agency today, you’ve found the perfect partner to grow your online store to new levels of revenue and profit.

Work with us and you will have access to a team of SEO experts whose sole focus is to dramatically grow your web store’s income by increasing the number of new online buyers who find relevant pages from your internet store on Page 1 of the search results.

Set up your first Organic Growth Plan for a review of your e-com site and I’m convinced you will be blown away with the actual results we show you from our real customers.

Our client base includes websites selling physical products, info products, online courses and much more in cities all over the world. There really are no boundaries when it comes to e-Commerce and we work with online store owners from all walks of life and in any location.

We implement proven SEO strategies that work with any online shop built on all the popular online shopping platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Magenta, BigCommerce, and Amazon, tailoring our methods to fit your specific circumstances.

Based in Houston, TX our aim is to provide the best eCommerce SEO services to clients both in the U.S and around the globe.

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Traditionally, retail websites have relied on paid advertising to bring online shoppers to their store, and many find it a great strategy to gain early traction when just starting out.

But implementing a solid SEO strategy at the same time is a great way to enjoy the long-term benefits of targeted and free organic buyer traffic that builds up over time.

With PPC campaigns you typically can only afford to promote your top few best sellers and hope that the visitors they bring in will also check out your other items.

Optimizing your product page SEO with our advanced techniques promotes every single item through the search engines so that they all bring in their own traffic to the store.

ECom store search optimization is all about reaching those online shoppers who are already at the buying stage for what you’re selling. Having your web store appear in page 1 searches results in more sales and increased profits for you.

By optimizing your website for the keywords these buyers are actually using, your ecommerce shop and product pages come up at the top of Google page 1 for a constant stream of highly-targeted traffic that is ready to snap up your offers.

SEO makes it easier for consumers to find your website when searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Etsy, YouTube and other platforms by increasing the overall visibility of your Ecommerce shop for each and every product.

If you ignore SEO, then no matter how great your site looks or what amazing merchandise and deals you offer, your competitors who are taking care of optimizing their web store will always rank higher than you.

Recent reports suggest that targeted traffic from search engines converts at around 15%, which is far higher than anything you can usually achieve through PPC ads.

When you couple that with the long-term benefits of an ongoing SEO campaign, you end up with a sustainable source of revenue that increases over time and delivers an amazing return on investment.

As a top digital marketing company, that’s exactly what we deliver at Johnny Chen SEO. We work with you to provide the best eCommerce SEO services customized for you, to position your internet shop on page 1 for your most important keywords. Our team takes the time to learn about you and your business, from your ideal customers to the products you sell, and builds a unique personalized strategy that delivers results.

Owen Taylor

11 months ago

I Had other SEO companies work on my website and they just didn't get anything done. Not even sure what was happening. Johnny walked through his process with me and showed me what was missing and what he would be doing. In a few weeks, wow! I can see the difference.

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We make sure your shopping cart is buzzing with new customers and increased revenue.

There are huge digital marketing companies around that claim they can “do it all” and guarantee amazing results for your online store or any other type of business.

Unfortunately, they often deliver nothing but empty promises.

Developing a successful SEO for e-Commerce campaign is a specialized and complex discipline and when done right, it delivers a very high ROI. That requires a team of professional search engine experts who understand exactly how to optimize online stores running on Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, Etsy, YouTube and all of the other popular online shopping platforms.

It’s true that other aspects of digital marketing can all help to grow your eCom business, and we utilize every one of them to provide maximum exposure, but SEO remains our core service that forms the basis for all the others.

Underpinning all of this is our commitment to deliver measurable results with clear and transparent reporting, honesty, and accountability.

Through our own tracking and monitoring systems, we provide monthly reports showing all your rankings, traffic, conversions, and how they’ve performed over time. Our goal is to ensure you know exactly how your personalized SEO strategy is doing with nothing being hidden or masked in any way.

Working with us is a partnership based on both trust and results.

Screenshot of Google search results for a shopping search

Johnny Chen SEO will position your products in the top positions on the Google organic rankings. Partner with an eCommerce search marketing agency that will bring you undeniable results. Studies show that websites appearing on Page 1 of Google get more than 75% of the click-throughs. Securing those rankings is what we do for your web store.

Our eCommerce Digital Marketing Services

Google SEO

We rank you above your competitors by optimizing your site with a strong keyword strategy.

Brand Building

Our online marketing services build your brand consistently and accurately across the web and social media.

Google Maps Pack

We position your business in the Top-3 listings in Google Maps to increase traffic to your site.

YouTube SEO Ranking

We get you on the biggest video marketing venue in the world with new traffic sources for your company’s products and services.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

YouTube Ads Traffic Initial Kick Off Strategy

In development

When you partner with us to take advantage of our expert search engine optimization techniques for your e-com store, your journey will begin with a discovery process to ensure we thoroughly understand you and your business, the goals you have for your eCommerce business, current rankings, conversions, the structure of your site, and your Brand.

This gives us an agreed baseline to work from and measure all our future results against.

We then follow a process that will typically take in the following steps:

  • Research and select the correct keywords
  • Undertake competitor research
  • Introduce a responsive and mobile-friendly site design
  • Execute homepage SEO
  • Review and simplify your site architecture
  • Product page optimization
  • Content marketing
  • Building backlinks

Some of these steps will be performed in the first month where possible to enable us to make quicker progress.

Keywords matter, that has always been the case and will continue to be in the future. The key is to do extensive keyword research to find all those important words and phrases that online shoppers who are looking to buy will use when searching for a product.

We analyze your store and the products you sell to find the best terms to use including related keywords and ‘long tail’ phrases that can all be targeted.

Using metrics like search volume and keyword difficulty (how difficult a keyword or phrase may be to rank), we develop a comprehensive keyword strategy that will bring you the best and quickest results.

An important part of building an eCommerce SEO strategy is to look at your main rivals to find out what keywords they’re targeting and how they use them on their product or landing pages.

Larger sites with many top rankings will have already put in a lot of legwork that we can leverage to build up a better picture of successful keyword terms and practices to use.

A mobile-friendly website with fast page load times is key in the modern world, both in terms of ranking well and user experience.

When we review your retail web store, we will suggest ways your load speed can be improved so that it meets modern standards, and then undertake the work if required.

Many search engine agencies ignore optimizing the home page, thinking that it doesn’t hold much value for an eCommerce site.

We believe it should actually be one of the first pages to be taken care of.

The homepage is often the most powerful page on a site in terms of SEO and it needs to be optimized to rank well for the broad terms that describe your Brand and the type of products you sell. We are experts at structuring powerfully optimized SEO content that ranks your home page and les visitors learn more about your business.

Having a simplified structure for your store website makes it easy for customers to find the categories and products they’re looking for. Intuitive navigation is vitally important for an online retailer.

It also plays an important role in search optimization as the search engine robots need a clear internal linking structure to follow so that they can efficiently index your site and position it higher in the search results.

Optimizing your store’s online product pages so that they rank above your competitors in the search engines is probably the most important thing you can do for your web store.

In fact, this is the task that we will usually spend most of our time and effort on.

Ensuring product titles and descriptions have all the best keywords in the right places can make a big difference to the success of your SEO plan and provides a huge ROI.

We also optimize product images for their size and place keywords in the file name, alt text, and description so that they come up in Google image search whenever a potential customer types your target keywords in.

Posting relevant and valuable articles and news on your eCom website may seem a bit odd for an online store, but it really helps to build up your site’s relevancy, which can provide a huge boost to your SEO efforts.

We have a team of skilled writers who take our keyword research and craft valuable evergreen content that focuses on topics closely aligned to the products you sell.

This supporting content provides material for press releases and promotional campaigns, as well as creating a long-term benefit in establishing your brand authority.

Another ranking signal Google uses to determine the authority and relevancy of your store is through high-quality backlinks from respected sites.

This is just as important for an online shop as any other type of website.

Through our own unique outreach program, we have access to a vast range of blogs and websites that provide all the white-hat links you need; and the more you have, the more authoritative your internet store becomes.

Elaine Rosales

4 months ago

Johnny Chen is the best when it comes to boosting your business online. He was so professional when it came to keeping me informed as well as showing me results using his online SEO techniques! It was the best move I ever made! Thank you, Johnny!

Johnathan Phan

a month ago

Johnny's SEO services have been great and have been very helpful in the growth of my business. Highly recommended if you are looking at expanding your online presence, which is so important in the growth of a business these days!

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