Johnny Chen Media Content Writing Annual Scholarship Contest

Annual Scholarship by Johnny Chen Media

Johnny Chen, with Johnny Chen Media, has built his successful SEO agency through education and determination. At Johnny Chen Media, we understand the value of investing in the future. That’s why we offer an annual scholarship to students who need financial support to further their education.

Our annual scholarship help students attend school each year. Our $600 scholarship is awarded to incoming, undergraduates, and graduate students at any US college or university.

Our Annual Scholarship contribution program does not expire and renews each semester each year. We aim to help continuing education for the next generation.

Johnny Chen Media Annual Scholarship 1

Our content writing contest requires NO SUBMISSION FEES, NO PAYMENT, & NO CREDIT CARD INFO.

Awarded funds will be sent directly to your university financial aid administrative office with your full name and student ID for official disbursement.

Your information is kept completely confidential and will not be used or made public except to source your credential of your submitted content when posted in our blog post section.

Note: we may ask you permission to use your written content as our blog post content. It is to your discretionary to allow us or not even if you do not get awarded the scholarship fund.

The Application Process

To apply for the Johnny Chen Media Annual Scholarship, you’ll write a 500-800-word essay about search engine optimization.

Below, you’ll find topic suggestions for your essay and our eligibility requirements.

Johnny Chen Media will review applications and award 2 applicants with a $600 scholarship each. Scholarship recipients may use their scholarship to cover school-related expenses, including tuition fees, registration costs, textbooks, and other school supplies.

After reviewing each submission, we will select and contact scholarship recipients via email by the 2nd week after each end of school semester.

Scholarship Applicant Criteria

Scholarship applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Be enrolled in a college or university in the United States for the upcoming school year
⦁ Have a minimum GPA of 2.5
⦁ Application submissions are due by the last day of the month for each school semester

Other Requirements:

⦁ Essay submissions must be sent via email to Johnny Chen Media at with ‘Scholarship Application’ in the subject line
⦁ Application submissions must include your essay, college of university enrollment documentation, and a copy of your official or unofficial transcript indicating your GPA
⦁ You accept that your essay may be published on the Johnny Chen Media website or social media if chosen as a finalist

What to Write About

Scholarship applicants must write a 500-800-word essay about search engine optimization. You may choose from one of the topics below or use these for inspiration.

⦁ The Importance of SEO for YouTube Channels
⦁ How can businesses leverage their website for success?
⦁ Paid Advertising vs. Organic SEO Traffic
⦁ Why You Should Optimize Your Website for SEO?
⦁ How to Copywrite with Intent Base Buying Signals While Optimizing for Search Engines?
⦁ How is SEO the key to online success?
⦁ The Benefits of Hiring an SEO Agency for Your Business
⦁ The Science Behind Ranking High on Google
⦁ Does SEO really matter?
⦁ Why More Organic Website Traffic Leads to More Sales?

The Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of techniques designed to help position web pages in search results. SEO is crucial for ensuring that businesses appear in search engines (most popularly Google), especially in today’s world where many consumers spend time and buy online.

With over a billion websites on the internet, SEO helps Google decide which ones to share with users. When websites are optimized for SEO, this shows Google where users need to go to solve a problem, thus resulting in a high ranking on Google.

The best part about SEO is that companies can get massive free, organic traffic if they do it right. This means no paid ads, and it works 24/7. Therefore, it’s the most cost-effective way to attract more customers.

Not only does SEO help users find a business online, but it means that these websites have what it takes to help the business show up as a trusted authority. This is achieved with valuable content and an excellent user experience, which is what encourages customers to want to buy.

In summary, SEO is important because it helps companies receive more organic traffic and increase sales.

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About Johnny Chen Media

Johnny Chen Media is an SEO agency based in Houston, Texas, with a nationwide firm of SEO experts. With custom-tailored search engine marketing solutions, we use breakthrough organic growth SEO marketing strategies to help businesses show up online and increase conversions. We have a vast portfolio showcasing where our clients have started and are now. Our number one goal is to help others succeed. Johnny Chen Media Services have many offices serving Houston SEO, Austin SEO, and Dallas SEO. We also help customers with their Online Reputation Management, Google Maps SEO Positions, and is highly effective with SEO for Attorneys, SEO for Lawyers in Houston, SEO for Plastic Surgeons, and SEO for Cosmetic Surgeons in Houston.

Past Scholarship Award Contributions

Johnny Chen Media Annual Scholarship 1
Heather Bartlett from Hawaii College of Business and Economics
Johnny Chen Media Annual Scholarship 2
Angie Sempertegui, Anna E. Evans and Kate Price from Fredonia Academics
Johnny Chen Media Annual Scholarship 3
Josephine Luetke from St. Thomas Aquinas, Syney Newton from Oakville Trafalgar, Oreoluwatomiwa Ademidun from Bishop P.F. Reding, and Sofia Del Vasto from White Oaks.
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