How To Get Your Video On Top Of YouTube With Video SEO

Looking to get your video on top of YouTube with video SEO but not sure where to start?

Video SEO is a key component to increasing sales online—no matter what your goals are.

What exactly is video SEO, and (more importantly) how do you get your video to the top of YouTube?

Guys, in this post, I’ll explain how you can rank on top of YouTube with Video SEO. You’ll learn YouTube Video SEO basics, how to outperform your competitors in my secret step-by-step system, and how you pick the right agency custom tailored for your needs.


What is YouTube video SEO?

‌Being on top on YouTube with video SEO means driving traffic, making press releases, creating backlinks and so much more.


Why You Need To Get Your Video On Top Of YouTube With Video SEO

The main benefit of a top ranking YouTube video is to build brand awareness in the marketplace. On YouTube, you can share your massage worldwide and build a huge customer base. Why am I telling you all of this?

‌If you have a video that YouTube loves, it promotes you and makes you money while you sleep without lots of work.


‌The 3 Most Important Metrics To Your ‌YouTube video

Engagement, Click-through rate & watch time are the most important metrics that will get your video to the top of YouTube.

Keep these metrics up, and YouTube makes sure to rank you at the top. Here is a short explanation of the metrics and what to look out for:

  • Engagement: Means how many people view, like, dislike or subscribe to your video! The more raving fans you have, the more likely your video is to skyrocket to the top.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): How many people are actually clicking on your video? The higher the percentage of the people that click on your video, the higher your Click-Through rate & the faster you get boosted to the top of YouTube!
  • Video Watch Time: YouTube loves to see your fans binge-watch your videos. The longer people watch your video, the faster you see rapidly increasing results in your video SEO.


How To Simulate Virality And Get Your Video On Top Of YouTube

Let’s cut to the chase guys. In this section, I show you how you can surpass even the most popular YouTube videos and get on top. With this method, I pushed Desmond Soon’s Video to #1. (Beyond Tai Lopez — Got you Tai 😉 )


‌SEO is super simple once you get it. Here are 5 steps that rank you #1:

‌1. Pick the Money-Keywords you are going after

2. Track and keep up your Click-Through Rate, Engagement & Watch time

3. Drive Traffic to your Video

4. Publish press releases in major publications and embed your video there

5. Build in Backlinks to the video

Quick Disclaimer, this will only work if the video has good content and it’s not your only one on your channel. Also…

When you measure your keyword’s position, use incognito mode (😏) for accurate results.


The Most Costly Mistakes when ‌Hiring An SEO Agency – How Many Are You Making Right Now?


Mistake 1: Picking a SEO agency that has no case studies

By the time you read this, you will feel ‌afraid. Because many SEO agencies in my industry actually don’t deliver on the results they promise. They tell you they can do anything, everytime in the shortest time possible. What does that even mean?

Look, you can easily find the right one for you if you watch out for this red flag:

If the agency does not have any case studies or proof that their stuff works, I strongly recommend not working with them. Just move on and pick another one.


Mistake 2: Not checking their “Average Views Per Click”

Do you remember hearing ‌that some agencies use robots to fake your video’s way to the top?

Yeah, it’s true. Fact is, some agencies manipulate their results. This is not a sustainable advantage in the marketplace. But you can easily avoid this with this secret move…

Go in the video analytics of their YT-Account and check their unique viewers and the average views per viewer.

You want the average views per viewer between 1.1 and 1.2. That’s’ normal for most videos. What you don’t want is when your statistic shows, 50 viewers viewed your video 1000 times. That means they are using robots.


Mistake 3: Picking An Agency That Promises Instant Results

You know what I really hate about my industry? It is full of people that tell they can do the job in the shortest time possible. But that’s often not true…

When you work with an SEO agency, it takes some time until you see results. For my friend Desmond, it took about 1 month and a week to get his video to the top.

I’m telling you, “instant results” are a huge red flag, and it’s better to stay away from these agencies… at least when you don’t want to get scammed.

Conclusion: How To Get Your Video On Top Of YouTube With Video SEO

Getting your video on top of YouTube with video SEO is a core component of online marketing. Whether you’re trying to gather email address, host webinars or to gain leads, or want to sell more products, you need to get familiar with YouTube video SEO.

Here’s the thing most people don’t realize: YouTube Video SEO is really simple once you get it. Remember that google wants to simulate natural. Traffic to your website is like blood to a heart for YouTube. If you want to get your video on the top of YouTube, you need personalized video SEO.

H‌aving world-class video SEO and treating your video as an “expanding live website” is the key to generating more money with YouTube.

On my YouTube channel, I’ll show you the exact step-by-step case study how I boosted my friend Desmond Soon to the top on YouTube.

Want to do the same? Check out my newest high-level case study below:

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