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The Montrose Of Houston: An Eccentric Hub Of Creativity

Located just west of Downtown Houston and approximately four square miles in size, the Montrose of Houston is a neighborhood known for its artistic culture and eccentricity. From world-renowned art galleries to neon-lit hidden tattoo shops, this neighborhood has a wide array of weird and quirky businesses.

Westheimer Road is home to some of the more unique areas of interest in Montrose. Carefully curated antique shops, palm readers and tarot boutiques, thrift stores, and numerous local cafes line the streets. With plenty of bars offering nightlife opportunities and carefully crafted cocktails, all visitors can end their night at one of the many finer local hotels.

Established in 1910, it is an older neighborhood that is highly prized for its uniqueness. It was even considered one of the strangest neighborhoods in the region! What makes the Montrose of Houston such a desirable neighborhood lies in its ability to offer a little something for everyone. Many notable individuals once resided there such as Clark Gable, Howard Hughes, and Lyndon B. Johnson.

It is a dynamic area with plenty of culture and a special focus on extraordinary creativity. Unlike other Texan cities, Montrose is highly walkable and requires very little in the way of transportation. In fact, walking tours are a great way to get to know the area and get acquainted with its history and local culture. A simple visit to Preservation Houston, for example, offers an insightful look into the history of the locality and teaches public awareness of the historic value of the older buildings.

The Menil Collection is a local museum that is well worth visiting for its stunning array of over 17,000 carefully curated pieces of art and sculpture. From rare antiquities that are over 5,000 years old to a collection of Rene Magritte’s surrealist paintings, it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy great works of art.

For those seeking refuge in tranquility, the Buffalo Bayou is a stunning 160-acre park that was named after a local river. From renting a bike to rowing in a kayak, there are many ways to enjoy the local scenery in a unique way. It seems worlds away from the bustling skyscrapers that line the cityscape.

Eating in Montrose is an adventure, but the Bludorn comes highly recommended by foodies and celebrities alike. The latest newcomer to the neighborhood is the 93 Til which comes with a laid back vibe and a playing vinyl collection.

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