POI Houston Museum of Natural Science

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston, we have a problem, one of the most famous sayings from any one of the NASA missions – but if there is a city in Texas that simply does not have a problem it is Houston. It is home to just over 2.3 city dwellers, but it is also home to some of the most wonderful cultural and artistic attractions in the United States – and that is not to mention some of the most wonderful culinary destinations in the country.

But there are also wonders of other types in the city of Houston, including some of the most impressive museums in the country. One of these is the Houston Museum of Natural Science.

This is possibly the most perfect place to take the younger members of the family. Firstly, there are dinosaur skeletons – and then there are the love butterfly exhibits (the Cockrell Butterfly Center) – and much, much more.

What about the Museum’s Hall of Paleontology which contains more than 450 fossils – that would make any tiny mind want to know more about the prehistoric world – about 3.5 million years ago.

This is a museum that has been recognized as one of the best in best in the United States – if not the world. Its interactive exhibits require tiny fingers, but there is far more that will attract those of an older generation – for instance, what about exploring the wonders of Texas wildlife – it might be found just outside your front door but at The Houston Museum of Natural Science it is just within a finger grasp. And there is much more to experience at this world-class museum.

What about the wonders of Ancient Egypt – there is that to explore – or exploring the wonders of the exquisite gems and minerals of the world. That can also be a possibility in this great museum.

But what about food and refreshments – well, the Houston Museum has some treats in store thanks to the partnership with the Elements Grill, which has some of the best selections of great American favorites such as wonderful burgers and everything that would suit the palate of both you and old.

In short, this is a simply wonderful place to visit, irrespective of the age of the visitor. For anyone who has an interest in natural science, this is the place to go – in a city that is filled with wonder.

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