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You Must Visit The Houston Zoo

There is no more wonderful experience for both young and old than the sight of wild animals in their natural habitat. However, sometimes that is simply impossible – then we turn to Zoos – and one of the most wonderful in the United Sates is the Houston Zoo.

Why is this zoo so special – well first of all it is because the curators and management have made an extra special effort to allow the animals under their charge to enjoy an environment that is as close to wild nature as possible.

Whether it is the Asian Elephants under their care, the southern White Rhinos, or the Malaysian Tigers ( and the African Lions, each and every animal in the Houston Zoo enjoy a lifestyle that is as close to their natural habitat as possible.

However, the land-based animals are not the only inhabitants of this magnificent attraction.

Take for instance the Galapagos Island exhibit. It was these islands that Charles Darwin found inspiration for his theory of evolution – and today the Houston zoo plays host to some of the most magnificent wild inhabitants of these amazing islands. Not only are there denizens of the deep as part of the aquarium experience – but also the famed Galapagos tortoises and the famous Sea Going Iguanas.

But that is not all that this magnificent Zoo has to offer. Not only does it have an Africa Forest experience, but also a Bug House for those who have an interest in the inhabitants of the undergrowth.

There is also much more to enjoy in this haven of wildlife. There are also birds – and giraffes to feed (especially wonderful for the younger members of the family).

What else does the Houston Zoo have to offer, well there is a wonderful Children’s experiential park, featuring a natural Bat Cave, Goats, and Mongooses. This is the perfect place for the younger members of the family to simply explore the natural world.
There is also a reptile house for those who are interested in the scaly inhabitants of our planet.

In all the Houston Zoo is the perfect place to investigate and take great joy in what makes this planet so special. It is the perfect place for the younger members of the family (and the young at heart).

If you are in the Houston area this is a local attraction that simply cannot be missed.

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