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There are an estimated 1.7 billion websites out there. Websites can sell just about anything—from legal services or physical products to software and cosmetic surgery.

However, with so much competition, standing out on Google can feel like an impossible task.

Most website owners have no idea how to effectively market their business in order to create steadily increasing revenue. They either try to use paid ads such as Facebook (which can fail should the ad cost rise as it does now) or use strategies meant for blogs: not websites.

Selling products or services online requires a special touch. The same strategies corporate businesses use aren’t just as effective anymore.

If you’re looking to drive traffic (and sales) for your website, this guide is for you.

I’ll walk you through why giving Google what Google wants to see is different, what strategies to use, and we’ll even explore advanced mechanisms to make customers love your website.

What Does Google Want to See?

Giving Google what Google wants to see is the art of using SEO marketing strategies to drive awareness and conversions for a business that sells superior products or services online.

Giving Google what Google wants to see can have a variety of goals, from building brand awareness to driving sales and making a website that makes money while you sleep. It uses different approaches including keyword research, copywriting, graphics, and the right SEO knowledge.

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Organic Google Ranking Vs. Google Paid Ads

Aren’t Organic Google SEO and Google paid ads the same thing? Not quite.

Organic Google ranking covers every aspect of giving Google what Google wants to see and rank you on the top of the Google searches without payment. You want people to get to know who you are and what you have to offer. Chances are that new customers will not exactly google your Website domain. The solution is easy… you want to rank on top on Google for Money Keywords.

  • e. You sell: aircraft maintenance training; Your domain is : aircraftmaintanance-training.com
  • Probably your customers won’t only search: “aircraftmaintence training,” so you also want to dominate the money keywords related to: “aircraft maintenance prep course” to make the biggest amount of sales.

Google will automatically rank you at the top if you give Google what Google wants to see, without payment.

Paid Google Ads is the part of Google advertising that focuses on increasing traffic & conversions by promoting your website through the use of resources. This can include display ads, banner ads, even dynamic ads.

Elements of Working Websites

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to learn about organic SEO and what Google wants to see. I get it because I’ve been there.

The next few sections outline the different ways you can raise to the top of Google.

Don’t assume you need to tackle all of these strategies perfect right off the bat. Read through this guide, soak up all the information, then implement one or two strategies right away.

Here are the main types of what Google wants to see & what your customers want to see that we’ll cover in the next sections:

  • The website structure that Google Loves
  • How many words you need
  • images
  • What your customers love
  • Call to Actions
  • Social Proof
  • Psychology

Guys, It’s a long list, but I promise to keep it simple. I’ll explain what each type is, give a quick rundown of how it works, then mention a few strategies you can use to get real results right away.

How To Structure a Website Google loves

Giving Google what Google wants to see, leverages the Google algorithm to rank you at the top of the search results (and drive sales.)

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the money keywords you want to rank on top of Google
  2. You write a copy that has approximately 3000 words
  3. Put these Keywords in the headers of your webpage
  4. Structure the SEO data behind each image
  5. Label and name the images correctly
  6. Create linkings to other pages
  7. Structure the metadata of the page right

So How Can We Make Money With This?

Building a website that makes you money while you sleep isn’t easy, but these Google organic marketing strategies will guide you to reach a wider audience and drive sales. While every business is different, I suggest seeking out someone’s knowledge that can do these 2 things for you:

  • Make a website that Google loves
  • Make a website that your customers love and take action on

The result is a website that makes you money while you sleep.

This strategy is most time & money efficient if you pick the right agency (so choose carefully). If you just want to get started, you can implement the strategies above right away to get your first results.

But before you apply these strategies… have you structured your website domain correctly?

This small but significant mistake keeps many websites at the bottom of Google where no one will ever find it.

If you want to know How To Pick A Domain For Your New SEO Project, click the link below:

[Video link to how to pic a domain for your new SEO project]

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