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The Heights Of Houston: A Utopian Community

Deemed one of the oldest neighborhoods in Houston, The Heights of Houston dates back to its heyday in the 1890s when it was established as a true utopian community with Victorian ideals. It was named as such due to its elevation being 23 ft higher than Downtown Houston, and of course, it still remains as one of the best places to seek refuge during a flood.

Located just mere minutes from Downtown, The Heights offer a unique and environmentally-friendly lifestyle. In fact, much of the neighborhood is easily walkable and restaurants as well as parks are highly accessible. Well cared-for bungalows and stunning antique Victorian mansions line the streets of the neighborhood, and the area offers a fantastic nightlife with plenty of bars and quality dining establishments.

Considered an eccentric neighborhood by some, most of the action takes place on 6th Street, 11th Street, and 19th Street. 6th Street also known as White Oak is home to a large number of fun bars and restaurants while also being famous for its White Linen Nights neighborhood street party. For the most part, 11th Street is residential with smaller pockets of restaurants and coffee shops mainly clustered around Studemont. Lastly, 19th Street is somewhat of a step back in time with many reputable antique shops lining the streets and is home to the appealing You are My Sunshine Mural.

The Heights of Houston is considered a street party neighborhood that’s central to grabbing a beer and simply having a relaxing time with friends. December hosts the Lights in the Heights event while August is the month for White Linen Nights. Sometimes, during the fall months of the year, the neighborhood will block off certain streets and host wellness events or 5K marathons. Additionally, it is not uncommon for residents to find themselves in the midst of a block party.

One of the quirkier sides of the neighborhood is that it is considered a “dry” area. That means you can only purchase alcohol from establishments as long as you’re a member of a certain bar’s drinking club. Fortunately, it is free to join these clubs and it will only set you back a few minutes of your time.

Some notable places to visit in The Heights include Gelazzi which is home to the best gelato, King’s BierHaus which offers authentic German food, and Smoosh which is home to the greatest ice cream sandwiches money can buy.

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