NEI Houston Museum District

The Houston Museum District

Home to over 2.3 million people, Houston has many claims to fame, among them the fact that NASA’s astronaut training school is within the greater area. There is also a thriving downtown area, including the renowned Houston Museum District. This part of the city is an unmissable attraction for any visitor to this thriving Texas city. It contains 19 museums of various types – there is simply something for everyone of a curious nature. From the experience of encountering some of the best fine art in the United States to finding fascination in the natural history of the planet Houston’s museum district simply has it all.

The attractions include the famous Children’s Museum Houston – a delight for the younger members of the family. Visit the block-wide street where kids get to call the shots – from local government to just which adults get an allowance. It has been rated as a must-visit destination for any visitor to Houston that is accompanied by representatives of the younger generation.

However, there are also other attractions that might appeal to the older crowd. These include the four walkable zones that allow all visitors to explore the Museum District. In zone 1 you will find the Houston museum of fine arts and the holocaust museum, as well as other attractions and points of interest such as the Houston Zoo, which is recognized as one of the premier wildlife experiences in the U.S.

However, there are still three other zones to explore on foot – and those contain a multitude of attractions such as the Menil Collection – a wonderful artistic district that will reward exploration of such delights as the Byzantine Fresco Chapel. This district houses around 19,000 pieces of art, including photography, drawings, fine art, and much else.

But there are still other districts that will reward those who wish to experience Houston’s cultural and historic attractions on foot. Thie explorer will be able to enjoy attractions such as the exceptional Moody Center for the Arts, the Houston Museum of African American Culture, and much more. This area of Houston has been recognized as the perfect place to simply walk and enjoy a rich cultural, educational, and simply interesting day out.

For those who are visiting this wonderful city, the experience can be enlightening and educational. Not only is Houston home to other wonderful attractions (such as great dining opportunities), but the Houston Museum district only adds to the charm of the city.

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