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Looking at the Woodlands of Houston TX

The Woodlands of Houston are one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in not just in Houston but in all of Texas and it’s not hard to see why. This area was planned from day 1 on how the neighborhood would develop. Founded in 1971, there was already a 40 year plan for how this community would develop and grow, and this smart planning has created a community that brings in plenty of tourists who want to see what the big deal is.

Incredibly Beautiful
Waterways, woods, parks, and walking paths were always a part of the initial plan. Out of the 24,000 acres that make up the Woodlands of Houston, over a quarter of those acres are preserved woodlands and parks that can’t be developed. This means the water ways, the 146 parks, the forested walking paths are all a permanent fixture of this really remarkable community.

There are even paddle boat rentals and water taxis to explore the beautiful park areas!

Sports Fans Adore The Woodlands
The Woodlands is home to 7 separate championship golf courses, meaning there’s no shortage of greens to practice driving, chipping, or putting. These courses provide a wide variety of playing experiences and make sure that even with a ton of locals really into golf there’s still space for another group to reserve a tee time.

Over 76 tennis courts offer an alternative to spending the days walking about a golf course, and stocked waters means even the fishing is extremely good, right on the outskirts of Houston.

This is an experience that many visitors appreciate.

Great Shopping
The shopping ranges from all the basic amenities to a wide array of high-end stores and brands. The Woodlands Mall is surrounded by trees even in the parking lots and offers all the basics. In addition to that Market Street offers top-notch food and high level shopping while Hugh’s Landing on Lake Woodlands.

Best Dining Experience Around Houston
There are 100’s of top-notch restaurants that can be found throughout the Woodlands. These go from moderately priced but delicious specialty dining to truly high-end fine dining establishments and everything in between. If you love a delicious meal there’s no lack of options to be found around this area.

Check the Pavilion Schedule
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion is a mainstay of the Woodlands of Houston, as awesome shows, bands, concerts, and performers are here frequently, delivering major shows open to locals and visitors alike!

There’s a lot to check out in Houston, but it’s hard to compete with the amazing experiences that the Woodlands have to offer!

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