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Houston’s Museum District: A Popular Tourist Destination

Located in the heart of Harris County and established in 1977 (officially recognized in 1989), Houston’s Museum District is home to the local Houston Zoo, Hermann Park, and 19 culturally relevant museums. Considered the ultimate historic and cultural attraction, the Museum District drives the local economy with over 8.7 million pedestrian visitors every year. Thursdays are perhaps the most crowded days in the Museum District as many museums offer free admission. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is free after 2 P.M., after 5 P.M. the Children’s Museum offers free admission, and the Museum of Fine Arts is actually free for the entire day.

Families especially find plenty of local activities that expose their children to new learning experiences. From enjoying the interactive exhibits at the Children’s Museum to understanding how dinosaurs roamed the earth at the Houston Museum of Natural Science, every museum offers hours of educational fun for the entire family. The Museum District neighborhood is easily walkable and lined with stunning mature trees to provide a scenic and tranquil landscape for pedestrians. However, for those in a bit of a hurry, the METRORail also makes each of these iconic destinations easily accessible.

The 19 museums are all immersive and relevant, but offer completely different exhibits ranging from Egyptian antiquities to contemporary art masterpieces.

*A fairly recent addition to Houston’s Museum District, The Asia Society Center was established in 2012 to raise public awareness about Asian art and culture.

*Rated number one in America by Parents Magazine, the Children’s Museum of Houston is now expanded and back better than ever!

*For those looking to get a glimpse into European culture, The Czech Center Museum Houston celebrates Bohemian, Slovakian, and Moravian customs.

*Raising awareness about hatred and the dangers of prejudice, the Holocaust Museum Houston stands testament to a time when certain beliefs were dangerous.

*Scientifically inclined visitors will surely appreciate The Health Museum which is a direct affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution and provides a revolutionary sensory experience.

*Lastly, established in 1900, the Museum of Fine Arts displays over 70,000 carefully curated works of art from the past to the present.

With so many museums found in the District, visitors can find something new and exciting at every turn. Though sometimes a bit crowded, the bustling environment is truly the beating heart of Houston and creates an experience unlike any other. Sometimes compared to New Orleans or Washington D.C., Houston is in a category all its own.

Also visit the Houston Zoo
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